Technological Innovations

Pecol, in partnership with Genoa University - DIME Dept. (mechanical, energy, transportation, management engineer dept.) and in synergy with the illustrious Prof Pietro Giribone, realized an innovative damper NBC, waterproof to 6,000 mm water column, with non-magnetic and anti-shock properties.

Operated by electric three-phase or stepper motors, it communicates to Ship Automation with redundant network nodal EIP ETHERNET.

The study, developed through the selection of the most suitable materials to support the hydrostatic test pressure of 9,000 mm H2O (analyzed by FEM calculations) approached the possible use of armonic planetary gear motor with double and triple stage, finally defining a gear motor ratio ì=125 , having a diameter of 150 mm and a length of 220 mm.

At the same time it was carried out a study for the application of motorized jacks (recirculating ball type) and stepper motors.
We obtained two different types of movements:
- by double screw and nut screw driven by three-phase asynchronous electric motor, 4-pole, 1500 rpm, 0.06 kW
- by single screw and nut screw driven by a stepper motor 6.9 Nm
both equipped with emergency manual operation.



Both types of damper can be connected by star wiring to Programmable Logic Controller, connected to each other via serial Ethernet CAT 5e.

The control system is oriented to "redundant" automated architectures, characterized by a set of components arranged and connected to each other, both electrically and by networks and data buses, to perform the function of automatic diagnostics of a fault and to automatically recover the initially function damaged by the fault.
In our case the redundancy is split over three levels of architecture:
1 ) level of network area
2 ) the level of control
3 ) level monitoring network
using ProfiNet as BUS.
With this architecture, we can redound to the functions of the master, the CPU and the software.
We can guarantee a huge exchange of data at very high speeds (10/100Mb/sec), by equipping the PLC with EthrnetIP communication cards.


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