Pecol S.r.l.

We have been operating since 1978 in the field of high-precision, powerful hydraulic and pneumatic systems for the movement and control of machinery and equipment constructed to meet the requirements of our clientele in the naval, industrial and iron and steel sectors.

Proportional electronic valves, PLC, innovative communication protocols,optical fibers, Touch Screens, have allowed us to refine hydraulic and electronic technologies that optimize the use of variable displacement pumps, hydraulic motors, double  unthreading cylinders, step by step electric motors, both in Safe Area and in Hazardous Area: ATEX and NEC(Class/Division).

We design and manufacture:
  • proportional hydraulic systems, antishock, anti magnetic,f or use on Military Naval Units:
  • hydraulic power units controlling: pitch propellers, stabilizing fins, watertight doors, capstans and winches, rudders, deck and machine equipment, valves;
  • NBC dampers (waterproof up to 60,000Pa), Fire fighting dampers, air droplet separators;
  • cold rooms for food
  • lubricating plant;
  • hydraulic and pneumatic brakes;
  • compressed airtreatment systems(highand low pressure);
  • thrusters for military landing craft, consisting of hydraulic motors directly coupled to the propeller;
  • fuel accumulators for gas turbine
  • water washing skids and trolleys for gas turbines and compressors;
  • damping systems for self-propelled trailer for the transport ofyachts up to1,000Ton
  • hydraulic systems for the handling of tracked vehicles,  elevators, telescopic arms, machine for piling, hydraulic presses, tube cutter, benchpressing,etc.,
  • equipment and special constructions dedicated to the needs of the Industry and the Shipbuilding

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